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Covid 19 and the Danger of Lying to the People

Today Dr. Vitti , the superintendent of DPSCD tweeted out that there are no cases of Covid 19 in DPSCD. Immediately, a flurry of rebuttals came from teachers in Mayberry, Western, and other schools where cases are reported. If there is no reliable information, consequences can be deadly.

The idea of false reporting is unthinkable when one considers the stakes. We do not know what the impact is on children; we do know they can be asymptomatic and not know they are carrying the virus to teachers, cafeteria workers, bus drivers and neighbors. Everyone is impacted by every individual's movement around the city. The level of dishonesty from those in positions of power will be our undoing if we listen to them instead of each other. I am running to win. I hope you will join me in this campaign.

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