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What A Difference A District Makes

The current school board chair stated recently that the District ( DPSCD, formed in 2016 after the dissolution of Detroit Public Schools) is debt free.

That's because the 3 billion dollar bond money that disappeared into thin air under emergency management was not only not audited, but a loan from the State was needed to create the new, improved austerity district called DPSCD. Detroit Public Schools Community District.

It is utterly disingenuous for any current board member to 1: claim the district has no debt when it started out with no debt and has cut corners on education in ways that put our children in peril;2. The Financial Review Commission oversees DPSCD AND THE CITY OF DETROIT. This board does not govern if it does not control the purse strings of the District.

The new board members must push back against unelected shadow governance. The reason there was so much money poured into the campaigns of the three incumbents is to maintain the complicity with the bankers to keep our District segregated in racially and economically. New Detroiters are going to put their children into the Catholic schools, the private schools like Waldorf, Roeper, Cranbrook and whatever other school they can find to avoid Black Detroit. Apartheid is a system of economic and racial inequality that us undergirded by the power structure. Dan Gilbert and Ilitch Holdings have millions in tax abatements. WE NEED THAT MONEY to run a school district, a library system, a city.

I urge you to vote for me. I will continue to inform and hopefully inspire younger generations to struggle to force the legislature and the predators that pay them for their vote to make Detroit whole.

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